Know how Lawyers can help you in cases of an Identity Theft
Know how Lawyers can help you in cases of an Identity Theft


In cases of Identity theft the Lawyers and Attorneys can protect you against any attempt to impersonate or steal your identity, now or in the future.

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in US and the world. In our country, more than 4.5 million people have been affected by theft of personal data and the average loss due to fraudulent use amounts to USD 8,000.



It is the fact of appropriating the identity of a person posing as a person , usually to obtain an economic benefit. Also, it is used in order to harm a person, for example, defaming or smearing their name by creating fake profiles on social networks.

Daily we deliver photocopy of our DNI for credit applications, the purchase of a mobile phone or a paperwork. We even provide our personal information by telephone (DNI, checking account, address, etc.). Also, it is frequent the theft of documents in the garbage, the mailbox, theft of wallet, Phising, exchange in networks P2P, etc …

Identity theft is not only costly in time and money, it can also lead to deprivation of liberty, and more. In the hands of a thief, only the name, address, ID number and date of birth can be used again and again to open new accounts, empty savings and retirement accounts or provide false documentation to wanted offenders.

By using Cyber Crime lawyers in cases of Identity Theft you will be protected at all times through the following ways,



They will send you 4 complete annual reports of your status in the solvency or unpaid files.
Fundamental to identify in time an alleged case of impersonation.

Expert lawyers will advise you throughout the process in case of suspected identity theft.

We draft and submit your complaint by telematic in case of theft of the DNI so that within 72 hours you go to the police station that you choose to sign said complaint.

We report to fraud prevention files in case you misplace your ID or steal it.

In case you go to court for being a victim of identity theft, you will have unlimited expenses of attorney, solicitor, etc … with our attorneys.

And in case of being victim of a crime of fraud, you will have compensation of up to USD 20,000.