How to know when you need a lawyer?
How to know when you need a lawyer?


If you have any doubts or legal advice, it is best to go to a lawyer who advises us before taking the step,
but there comes a time when his presence is indispensable. In many cases it is not mandatory, but without the assistance of an attorney mistakes can be made for ignorance of the law that can then be expensive.

In a civil case whose amount does not exceed few hundred dollars that can be dispensed with the lawyer and the prosecutor in verbal and court proceedings.

Nor is it indispensable if only urgent measures are to be requested prior to the trial, although whenever the lawyer is used, it must be reported to the court.

In the labor process is not necessary the presence of a lawyer if it is in the first instance in the social court.

In a criminal proceeding, a lawyer must be present, except in the case of misdemeanor offenses.

If it is a contentious-administrative process, it is also possible to dispense with the lawyer if it is in the first instance, although, as in previous cases, if you go to the High Court or the National Court, you will have to have your services.

In any case, remember that you can apply for a lawyer at your local Bar Association if you meet the requirements established by law to host such service.