Can I get a fine for smoking in the car while I drive?

The answer to this frequent query is not, but with nuances, because if smoking while driving is a distraction for the driver or puts at risk road safety,
then it could be punished, in any other way, in our country smoking while Is not established as an infraction in the General Regulation of Circulation.
This is a hoax that has been running for social networks for a few months and that ensures that driving and smoking is punished with an economic fine in
our country and has had to go through the General Directorate of Traffic itself due to the diffusion that Was catching up.

It is true that there are countries that punish drivers who smoke inside the vehicle when they are minors, making them passive smokers,
but this is not the case in here, at least for now.

In the meantime, and as the DGT itself points out in its official channels, do not pay attention to the bulo that says that there has been a recent change in the regulations that sanction all drivers who smoke at the wheel.