List of Tax & Family Issues where you may need Legal Advice and help of Lawyers & Attorneys in your life

Attorneys offer you the best option to solve your day-to-day legal problems related to your family.
Our family law attorneys offer you a solution from start to finish.
Specifically, about your family, we help you in all these matters:


Attorneys & lawyers advise you legally on:
• Marriage: matrimonial economic regime, marriage capitulations; Separation and divorce, regulatory agreement. Non-payment of pensions. Ecclesiastical nullity.
• Large family: taxation of the matrimonial economic regime.
• Dissolution: business activities and operations between spouses.
• De facto couples: municipal registers and de facto unions, economic arrangement of the couple, possibility of obtaining public pensions (widowhood).
• Breakdown of the couple: economic liquidation, death: economic rights of the survivor.
• Testament and inheritance: modalities of will; Steps to follow after a death; Partition of inheritance; Disinheritance; Legitimized.
• Taxation of inheritance: obligated to pay, reductions and bonuses, usufructs and real rights; Settlement, payment and postponement of the tax.
• Criminal proceedings and minor offenses that affect the insured either as a complainant / private accuser / complainant, or as imputed, in criminal matters derived from family relationships.
• Requests submitted to the various public administrations, procedure, requirements, deadlines, etc. In administrative matters arising from family relations.
• Tax matters related to the taxation and taxation of the family unit.