How to know when you need a lawyer?
How to know when you need a lawyer?


If you have any doubts or legal advice, it is best to go to a lawyer who advises us before taking the step,
but there comes a time when his presence is indispensable. In many cases it is not mandatory, but without the assistance of an attorney mistakes can be made for ignorance of the law that can then be expensive.

In a civil case whose amount does not exceed few hundred dollars that can be dispensed with the lawyer and the prosecutor in verbal and court proceedings.

Nor is it indispensable if only urgent measures are to be requested prior to the trial, although whenever the lawyer is used, it must be reported to the court.

In the labor process is not necessary the presence of a lawyer if it is in the first instance in the social court.

In a criminal proceeding, a lawyer must be present, except in the case of misdemeanor offenses.

If it is a contentious-administrative process, it is also possible to dispense with the lawyer if it is in the first instance, although, as in previous cases, if you go to the High Court or the National Court, you will have to have your services.

In any case, remember that you can apply for a lawyer at your local Bar Association if you meet the requirements established by law to host such service.


Know how Lawyers can help you in cases of an Identity Theft
Know how Lawyers can help you in cases of an Identity Theft


In cases of Identity theft the Lawyers and Attorneys can protect you against any attempt to impersonate or steal your identity, now or in the future.

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in US and the world. In our country, more than 4.5 million people have been affected by theft of personal data and the average loss due to fraudulent use amounts to USD 8,000.



It is the fact of appropriating the identity of a person posing as a person , usually to obtain an economic benefit. Also, it is used in order to harm a person, for example, defaming or smearing their name by creating fake profiles on social networks.

Daily we deliver photocopy of our DNI for credit applications, the purchase of a mobile phone or a paperwork. We even provide our personal information by telephone (DNI, checking account, address, etc.). Also, it is frequent the theft of documents in the garbage, the mailbox, theft of wallet, Phising, exchange in networks P2P, etc …

Identity theft is not only costly in time and money, it can also lead to deprivation of liberty, and more. In the hands of a thief, only the name, address, ID number and date of birth can be used again and again to open new accounts, empty savings and retirement accounts or provide false documentation to wanted offenders.

By using Cyber Crime lawyers in cases of Identity Theft you will be protected at all times through the following ways,



They will send you 4 complete annual reports of your status in the solvency or unpaid files.
Fundamental to identify in time an alleged case of impersonation.

Expert lawyers will advise you throughout the process in case of suspected identity theft.

We draft and submit your complaint by telematic in case of theft of the DNI so that within 72 hours you go to the police station that you choose to sign said complaint.

We report to fraud prevention files in case you misplace your ID or steal it.

In case you go to court for being a victim of identity theft, you will have unlimited expenses of attorney, solicitor, etc … with our attorneys.

And in case of being victim of a crime of fraud, you will have compensation of up to USD 20,000.


How Cyber Crime Lawyers can provide you the best solution to manage your image on the Internet – Right from Prevention to Protection
How Cyber Crime Lawyers can provide you the best solution to manage your image on the Internet – Right from Prevention to Protection


Suppression of information published on the Internet that is not appropriate, excessive or that may damage your rights.

Exclusion of search engines from harmful content, applying the right to forget when relevant and necessary.

Generation of content based on strategies of online marketing, with the aim to displace in the search engines that information that affects to your reputation.

Expert legal advice
Specialized Lawyers solve your problems on any subject related to your Online Reputation: Right to forget, Threats, Cyberbullying, Grooming, School Harassment, etc.

Protection against Digital Violence for Children
If you have children, in case of cyberbullying, cyberbullying, grooming or threats to minors, a specialized expert will issue a certificate of veracity as a probative element.

Judicial, Civil and Criminal Actions, where appropriate
In some cases it may be necessary to go to court to get certain information deleted. A Cyber crime Lawyer accompanies you throughout the process.


Various Legal Clauses of incapacity for work
Various Legal Clauses of incapacity for work


There are several types of incapacity for work depending on the circumstances of the worker, temporary or temporary work incapacity, and permanent incapacity for work.


Temporary temporary work incapacity

The transient temporary disability (better known by workers as sick leave ) is when the worker is temporarily unable to work and in need of medical care, as a result of an illness or accident not work, or an accident or occupational disease .

During the time that the worker remains in temporary incapacity, the labor contract is suspended, the obligations to work and to remunerate the work cease, and the worker having the right, if he meets the required contribution requirements for each case, to the Health care, and the corresponding financial subsidy, which can be 60% or 75% of the regulatory base, unless an agreement is reached.

This duration, in general, is 365 days, which can be extended in the cases provided for in the regulations for another 180 days, and reaching a maximum of 730 days, if after the 545 calendar days of medical leave, the worker Continues in the need of medical treatment and / or it is advisable to delay the qualification of a permanent disability.


Permanent occupational disability

The permanent incapacity is the situation of the worker who, after having undergone medical treatment, presents severe anatomical or functional reductions, capable of objective determination and predictably definitive that reduce or cancel his work capacity, which can cause the worker a disability in One of the following grades:

  • Partial permanent disability:
  • Total permanent disability
  • Absolute permanent disability
  • The Great Disability.

Partial Permanent Disability: It is the incapacity of the worker that causes him a reduction of not less than 33% in his normal performance for the profession he exercises, without impeding him to perform the fundamental tasks of said profession.

Regarding the benefit, and provided that the worker meets the requirements for recognition, regardless of the cause that originated, consists of a lump sum compensation equivalent to 24 monthly payments of the corresponding regulatory base, and is charged in a single time. It is compatible with self-employment or self-employment, since its recognition does not extinguish the employment relationship.

Permanent Total Disability for the habitual profession (IPT): It is given when the injuries suffered by the worker, disqualify him from performing the fundamental tasks of his habitual profession, but allows him to devote himself to a different one.

The benefit, if the worker meets the requirements for recognition, consists of a lifetime pension of 55% of the corresponding regulatory base for each case, which can exceptionally be recognized in a lump sum compensation. It is compatible with a job other than the functions of his profession, without losing the pension, and under certain conditions, the pensioner may choose to collect the unemployment benefit before the collection of the permanent disability pension recognized.

Absolute Permanent Disability (IPA): It is the situation that totally disables the worker for any profession or trade. The benefit, if the worker meets the requirements for recognition, consists of a lifetime pension of 100% of the corresponding regulatory base for each case. It does not prevent the performance of the activities, lucrative or not, compatible with the status of the invalid and that do not represent change in their capacity of work for the purpose of revision.

Great Disability (GI): This is the situation of the worker affected by absolute disability, who needs the assistance of another person to perform the most essential acts of daily life, such as washing, eating, washing, going out, etc. The benefit that will be received, if the worker meets the requirements for recognition, is a life pension of 100% of the regulatory base, increased by 50% to remunerate the person who cares for the disabled.